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Eco-friendly Christmas Celebration Ideas

Ho ho ho! It’s the merry time of the year. It’s Christmas!

Everyone is busy decorating their homes and Christmas trees, deciding the menu, buying and packing gifts for the near and dear ones, but with precautions because the virus (COVID-19) is still out there.

The pandemic has tried its best to stop everything, but the resilient nature of humans is much stronger than any virus. Whatever happens, it can’t stop life. Constant moving is what we call life. However, 2020 will be over soon and everyone’s hoping for the coronavirus to go away as they welcome 2021.

We all are ready to celebrate Christmas and New Year, but we can celebrate it more enjoyably if we celebrate these days with nature. Yes, you can celebrate your happy days with nature, what it takes is awareness.

By being aware of the environmental harms done with anthropocentric (human-centric) activities and choosing environmental friendly or eco-friendly alternatives, nature will be happy to share your happiness. So, let’s go ahead and see how we can take care of the environment and celebrate our days to the fullest.

Eco friendly Christmas Ideas

We all love decorating our homes at every festival. On Christmas, this excitement increases manifold. From lights to glittering balls, from Santa Claus to elves, we do everything ourselves. But in doing so we forget the harms these decoratives could cause to the environment.

Christmas tree

Some people bring real trees for Christmas and some use fake ones. If you bring a real tree to your home make sure you keep it for life, not just till Christmas ends. Make sure the tree is plantable, that means it must have its roots. You can plant this tree either in your backyard or lawn or in your balcony or terrace. This tree will stay with you forever and will become a family member over time.

If you are bringing home a fake Christmas tree then make sure to reuse it for every Christmas to come. You can place this tree anywhere in your house and it will not need any excess care.

Whatever tree you use, make sure to not impact the environment. Reuse is the key to eco-friendly Christmas.

Christmas Decorations

1. Lights

Lights add charm to the Christmas trees. But do you know that it can hurt it too? Placing lights on a real tree could hurt the tree and might burn its leaves. This problem does not occur in cases of fake one. So, if you can’t go without lights then bring the fake tree, but don’t abandon the real one already there in your home.

2. Glittering and sparkling objects

Do you know that sparkles and glitters are dangerous for living creatures and the environment? Glitter is a microplastic [1], therefore, it can travel from your homes to rivers, sea and oceans, and anywhere, where it is further consumed by marine creatures or stay in the environment forever, and we know the consequences.

So, this Christmas, say no to glitter. But how is it possible? Are you wondering this? Don’t worry, I have you covered.

Don’t buy gift cards and decorating objects that have glitter on them. Instead use glossy objects that are recyclable and reusable, such as balls made from colorful paper, you can DIY too.

In Spite of buying gift cards, make it yourself. Write a heart touching message on it. Trust me it will be more precious than the store bought one.

For glitter, use old accumulated newspapers and punch, punch, and punch some more. Use a punching machine or scissors to get some small pieces that’ll work as your glitter’s look alike.

3. Ribbons

I love colorful ribbons. You can fold them and make beautiful flowers from it or just hang them on your Christmas tree. And the best part, they are reusable that means the environment will love you for this.

4. Stars

Bring out all your papers and cut out stars, color them, and hang it with the help of threads. You're all set. Also, you can buy paper stars (like in the image below) from any store.

5. Santa Claus and Elves

There’s no Christmas without Santa. This time, as we are keeping things eco-friendly then bring home washable and reusable Santa and elves dolls. Make sure they’re made from cloth and can be used for the times to come.

Christmas Gifts

Gifts are the loveliest part. Everyone loves gifts. When I was a kid, my brother and I used to write letters addressing Santa. In those letters, we used to write our wishes and keep it on the terrace on Christmas eve, so that Santa could easily get it. Next day, immediately after waking up, the first thing to do would be to run to the terrace and get the gift. Did Santa give the gift? Well, that’s the story for some other time.

A gift should be memorable. There should be a message behind it. If you are thinking about gifting something to your loved ones then make sure that every gift is precious. It does not matter whether it’s expensive or something small. A gift should be useful, that is, whenever a person uses that gift a lovely memory of yours should touch them.

Coming to eco-friendly gift ideas,

  • Use recyclable giftwraps.

  • Instead of giving bouquets, this time give the gift of plants.

  • Gift something that will help one pursue their hobby, such as writing pads, pens, sketchbook, canvas, camera, travel equipment, and many more.

  • Keep in mind that gifts should be reusable and recyclable.

  • Last but not the least, with gifts don’t forget to write an unforgettable note.

Christmas Feast Menu

I’m not giving ideas on what you should cook on Christmas, but I want to make a request. The traditional Christmas meal is loaded with animal products. Because we are trying to celebrate Christmas that is eco-friendly, there is only one thing left.

Let’s make this Christmas’ feast vegetarian or if possible vegan. Instead of setting the table with the animal's bodies or corpse let’s bring some veggies to the table. This Christmas quit eating meat, eggs and animal products. Meat production is one of the principal contributors to climate change. There are innumerable vegetarian (as well as Vegan) recipes on the internet. Trust me, they taste delicious.

By taking this big step, you will gift animals their life. You’ll save the environment from greenhouse gas emissions. I know one day cannot make much difference, but it will mark the day of change. No celebration should cost anyone their life. Let’s change our dietary habits and lifestyle.

What else you can do on this special day?

· Plant 5 (or any number) of plants in your garden, or backyard, or balcony. Take care of them.

· Pray to God as much as you can.

· Promise yourself to be happy in any situation.

· Pledge to take care of the environment and animals.

From this amazing day, you can take a decision to save billions of lives of innocent animals. By taking these ideas in consideration, you will not only be helping the environment thrive for good, but you will be establishing humanity on this planet again.

Lastly, what if you have already got the Christmas decorations this year? Don’t worry, use it and then reuse it on every Christmas or on other festivals. If you already have previous years’ decorations in store (like me), go ahead and start decorating. Don’t forget the 8 R’s:

  1. Rethink

  2. Refuse

  3. Reduce

  4. Reuse

  5. Refurbish

  6. Repair

  7. Repurpose

  8. Recycle

Following an eco-friendly lifestyle will appear difficult in the beginning, but it will be worth it.

I’m wishing you a very Merry Christmas. May you spend each day of your life, just like this one. May God bless you and your loved ones always.



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