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Climate Change: Introduction

Climate Change

It all started when everything was changing. However, things are changing from the very beginning, but this change began when human beings made their greed a priority. We are moving towards a bleak future. A future which resembles the gruesome glimpses of hell.

Let’s dive a bit deeper. In movies and web series, we perceive Hell to be red and hot, where survival is difficult and the environment is treacherous. Nobody likes Hell and nobody wants to go to Hell. Nevertheless, the changes that we can witness now in our surroundings and on the Earth as a whole are clearly depicting that earth is in the process of becoming something similar to the Hell dimension.

What? Why? How?

Are these questions popping up in your mind?

Let’s see further.

As per the scientific studies and research that has been conducted in the past and are still being conducted, we are currently in the middle of an apocalyptic series of events that may turn earth into a living hell. That event is Climate Change.

Yes, we have started experiencing the effects of climate change. Earlier, we only received alarms and warnings from the research and studies conducted by the scientists across the globe, but now its effects are here.

To understand climate change more clearly, read further.

What is climate change?

Climate Change

Climate change is a natural phenomenon that results from the atmospheric heat and in turn adversely affects all the ecosystems of the world. It is caused by the greenhouse gases present in the earth’s atmosphere.

Earth’s atmosphere is pervaded with several kinds of gases, however, there are some specific kinds of gases that are capable of trapping the Sun’s heat and as a result increases the Earth’s temperature as a whole. These gases are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (NO), water vapours, and others. Gases with capability of trapping the Sun’s heat are known as greenhouse gases (GHG).

Sun, the most essential and major source of energy, emits ultraviolet rays. These rays reach Earth. The GHGs present in the atmosphere trap these rays and the rest of the rays are reflected back into space. The amount of heat that gets stuck in the atmosphere leads to a rise in the global temperature. This heating is called global warming.

The event when the overall temperature rises and starts to impact the earth’s ecosystem adversely is named climate change.

The Sun is always here, and it is a magnanimous ball of heat, it will always spread ultraviolet rays then why is climate change happening now and didn’t occur earlier?

Everyday earth and all other planets receives heat from the Sun, but the amount of heat that gets stored in the planet depends on the concentration of GHGs present in the atmosphere.

Since the past century the amount of GHGs emission has been rising. There are several sources from where the GHGs emit, such as oceans, volcanoes, agricultural activities, transportation, burning of fossil fuels, and so on. As per NASA’s report, more than 97% scientists and researchers have accepted that the most prominent contribution to GHG emission is made by anthropogenic activities (human activity).

In the earlier times, the concentration of GHGs in the earth’s atmosphere was less as compared to present day scenarios. True the Sun has been the same since the beginning, but Earth’s capacity to trap the Sun’s heat has increased manifold. This is the reason why climate change is happening now.

How can we know that climate change is actually happening?

Currently, we are encountering unusual climatic events, like, heavy downpour, droughts, hurricanes, storms, glacier retreats, rise in sea-level, wildfires, floods, to name a few. These are some effects of climate change that are distinctly being reported and recorded.

The mere rising of temperature is not the only problem, but the unexpected effects it is yielding is the major concern. This is a cyclic phenomenon. If this chain starts, it will result in the regress as one event will lead to the other.

For instance, continuous rise in temperature will cause the glaciers and ice-caps to melt, which will lead to rise in sea-levels. This rise in sea-level will result in floods, that will further lead to prolonged diseases and infections, and so on.

This is just one line of thought, there are innumerable consequences that will result from this climate change.

Climate change is not just about climate rather it holds in itself a threatening impact on each and every component of and on the earth. We are in the middle of a grave climate emergency, as acclaimed by environmental activists, scientists and common people. We need to act to save the Earth from being one kind of a hell before it’s too late.



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