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Why should we start thinking about environment more seriously?

Since the time we started our schooling, one of the key concepts we learnt was "environment". We know what it is, and how important it is to conserve and preserve the environment, but one of the most important concepts is not paid the due attention. We know everything about it, but forgot that we have a duty to perform. It's time to recall everything about the environment and see where we stand as a part of this world, and this environment.

What is the environment?

All the natural objects that we see around us, whether biotic (living) or abiotic (non-living), together make the environment. The rivers, mountains, animals, birds,insects, plants and trees, volcanoes, to name a few, are components of the environment. This natural environment is responsible for our sound survival.

The word environment is used commonly in various senses that the natural environment has gone down in terms of concern. We talk about work environments, social environment, home's environment, etc. However, we forgot that without a natural environment life is not possible.

What is the role of the environment in our lives?

You are told that from now onwards, you'll be locked in a room, where there's negligible ventilation, and for doing this you'll get a huge amount of money. This means that the air supply in the room will be minimal and can lead to death in, say, 4-5 hours. Will you agree to go into such a room?

I suppose, your answer will be "NO!". Right? But why? Because you need air to live. If air is taken away from you, you'll cease to exist within a few minutes. See, you can continue to live without your mobile, but not without air or water or food. Now, you can see how important and necessary our environment is for our survival.

All the life sustaining materials are acquired from the environment. We can't imagine our lives without the environment. We all are directly connected in the environment without any bias. Each and every component is having a meaning and a purpose to fulfill. The only need is to acknowledge it.

Why should we preserve the environment?

Our environment is exceptionally intelligent. It is capable of regenerating itself beyond our rationality, but there's one big obstacle. The obstacle is 'human activity'. The human's greed to have excess natural resources hinders the regenerability of nature.

Uncontrolled deforestation, mining, livestock agriculture or factory farming, release of harmful chemicals in air and water bodies, various kinds of pollution, contributing to climate change, and so on, are some of the reasons which requires everyone's attention.

These activities are not only dangerous for nature but also pose danger to all the living organisms. If we run out of any one of the natural resources, the whole functioning of this world will be affected. For instance, if all the glaciers melted and there remained no icecaps, the whole land would sink. We all are aware of the melting of the glaciers. Similarly, if all forests are cleared, the consequence will be unimaginably harsh.

If human beings are the reason for this damage, human beings are the solution too. We have to realize that every human being is somewhere responsible for the damage done to our environment. We can definitely not undo the damage done but we can stop ourselves from doing it more.

We usually come across the quotes, such as, "it's only one straw" or now, "only one mask" and 7.8 billion people. This dialogue is so common but very important. It is our responsibility to make a rational choice in life, afterall, this rationality is our, so called, pride.

Environment needs our contribution. It needs help from each one of us. It is not asking for more. We have to alter our lifestyle and have to live a reasonable life that does not take a toll on our environment. By helping nature in regeneration, we are helping ourselves and generations to come.

Most of the people argue that it is the duty of our leaders and government to protect the environment, but we don't think the other way. It is our duty to help the government in protecting and preserving the environment. We don't need few people leading the environment movement, rather we all have to come together and help change the world from the very grass-root level.

Each individual action matters. Each individual is responsible. Each one of us has to act now. This is the time to think about the environment more seriously than before.

Thanks for reading. If have any question, query or suggestion, please feel free to pour your heart in the comment section below.

May you have a great day!

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