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A Life Changing Thank you

Once every year, we spend a day saying thank you to everyone. Can you guess the day? Right, it’s your birthday. The whole day we say thank you for every wish and gift we get.

Thank you is a way expressing gratitude and instills humility. It is a simple word, but a powerful one too.

Showing gratitude is essential. Gratitude does not mean, just saying ‘Thank you.’ However, it is a divine expression. An expression to regard the generosity of the Almighty and also of the people around us.

A simple thank you could be miraculous. It is a mighty weapon to attract abundance and God’s grace. But for that the virtue of gratitude has to be inculcated in one’s heart, mind and soul.

You cannot plant gratitude in your being, say, in some moments. It requires time, patience, perseverance, and most significantly a true desire for thankfulness.

Establishment of gratitude is like a seed which is being planted in a soil. Every day the seed needs to be watered, provided sunlight and external nutrients. Thereafter, it transforms into sapling and roots. Continuous care and effort leads to a fructifying tree.

In the case of human beings, the seed is gratitude, the soil is our heart, water and sunlight are our pure thoughts and good intentions, continuous efforts are our faith, roots and shoots signify happiness and prosperity, and at last the strong built tree is our connection with the Lord, whereas its fruits are God’s grace.

Everyone should be grateful for everything one has. We carry infinite wishes and desires in our heart, and plan further to get our hands on those things. In this process, we forget that we should be thankful to the most generous One for His blessings. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath, the love we feel, the appreciation we get, the dreams we fulfil, the material accumulations we have, all things are bestowed by the Lord to us.

When we express gratitude, we make our sole Parent happy. For instance,

A child asks his mother for something sweet, but mother says that first he has to complete his homework in order to get the treat. The child did as told and mother gets happy, she gives a chocolate to her son to which the son says “Thank you, mummy!”. Next day, the child receives appreciation from the teacher for completing the homework, marvelously. The child comes home and expresses thanks to the mother for making him complete the homework. Mother out of happiness provides some treat to the child.

When our parents are happy either they will fulfil our wishes or bless us with things we didn’t even ask for. The same principle applies to the Almighty. Giving what is never asked by the child is God’s glory.

All of us can experience God's glory by implanting the seed of gratitude. To do so, one needs to practice:

  • Saying Thank you for all things, big or small.

  • Humility. Being humble is necessary in this process. It refers to shrugging off of pride and arrogance.

  • Staying down to earth. It means not having extraordinary expectations and desires. It calls out for staying closer to your core.

  • Always having good intentions and thoughts. Never get jealous from anyone's accomplishments and achievements, rather be happy for their success.

  • Always have faith in the Lord.

  • Try to note down the minimum of three things you are grateful for in a day.

  • Try doing everything that pushes you closer to God.

  • Never stop working on your goals and dreams.

What changes will you perceive in yourself by doing this?

  • Positivity

  • Confidence

  • A divine experience

  • Bliss

  • Tranquility

  • Love

  • Peace of mind

  • Less stress and worries

  • Better outlook of life

  • And many more

In doing so, don’t expect instant results. Practicing gratitude is not easy like making instant noodles. It requires your will, pure and positive intentions. Remember, God is omniscient (all knowing) , He can see through your heart. You cannot trick Him. Therefore, stay genuine. Have lots and lots of patience because things gained from hard and steady efforts stay for long.

Trust me, gratitude can solve all your problems and can take away all your worries. It will work like a magic potion. Try it to know it. “Thank you” can change your life and world around you for good.

Stay humble.

Stay grateful.

Practice gratitude.

Thank you for reading!

Have a great day…

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