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Faith in the time of Pandemic

The pandemic has been over here since last year. Whole 2020 went in the hustle-bustle of coping with several issues, directly and indirectly, caused by the COVID-19. At last things were getting into place, but the virus arrived again. Mightier than previous time and deadlier than before. In India, the second wave of the pandemic is still consuming thousands of lives on a daily basis. Many are considering it a tsunami rather than a wave. The virus mutated itself several times and is promptly attacking almost every person. The time is extremely challenging to pass. People are losing their loved ones. All around one can feel gloom, sorrow, pain, sadness and helplessness. Everyone is involved in a struggle to combat the invisible enemy at their door. Entrust, we can defeat this by only one thing: Faith! Only faith can help us all to cross this bottomless river of suffering. Till now, we have seen nothing can control this virus. The attempt of science in developing vaccines is the valuable contribution and might be the only way to win the fight. Vaccine will only help in fighting the virus physically, but faith will aid us conquer it on mental and spiritual grounds.

Faith in the time of Pandemic can help us pass safely.
Only faith can help us all to cross the bottomless river of suffering.

Faith is the fire that ignites the hope for positivity and good times. If you don’t have faith, you may not succeed. Faith is necessary in every aspect of life. If you have faith in yourself and your capabilities you can do wonders, whereas if you have faith in the Almighty then wonders will happen to you. In the present situation, we all need this faith. We have to believe nothing is happening out of order. Everything was already decided. History possesses the evidence that pandemics do happen. Things definitely don’t occur out of nowhere. There’s always a cause. However, most of the time we don’t try perceiving it. Coronavirus outbreak also has a cause and also has a lesson to teach. It’s just we are not in the right state of mind to understand it. Someday in the future, things will get better and clear. The situation we are currently experiencing is treacherous, but we have to keep our faith high.

Faith in the time of Pandemic
When you have faith, a door of solution opens up.

How to be faithful in this time? Acceptance Firstly, accept the truth. The virus is here and it is deadly. No matter how strong it is, we can confront this and overcome it. There is always a solution to every existent problem.

Get rid of doubts Faith is incomplete if it contains a tiny sliver of doubt. Have a firm belief that we will overcome this and happy times are arriving. God is with us.

Release It is difficult to stop stressing and worrying at this time. However, the stress needs to be released. Once you have complete faith in the will of God, the stress will wither away. Try being optimistic.

Practice gratitude Stay humble and grounded. Be grateful for every breath. It is the most precious gift.

Protect Protect yourself from the virus and negative thoughts. Take necessary precautions, like, washing hands, wearing double-masks, sanitization, physical distancing from others and social distancing from the negativity.

Spread love You are pure embodiment of love. Spread love and positive vibes. Motivate and encourage those around you. Provide support to everyone.

Faith in the time of Pandemic
Maintain social distance from the negative thoughts.

If you are presently infected by the virus, it is indeed difficult to get away from the negative thoughts, but try to stay positive and have faith. Leave everything in God’s hands and just trust His Divine Will and soon you will overcome this. Faith and positivity are the most important support we all need at this moment. Let’s spread only positivity and maintain social distancing from the negative thoughts. Stay Safe! Stay Humble! Have Faith!

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