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Let's Extend Freedom

Let's Extend Freedom to animals.
Let's Extend Freedom

Being a human being, each one of us is striving for something big. Every day a new desire pops up in our mind, such as having a big new house, enhancing our standard of living, getting a new car, wishing for getting promoted, exploring the world and surroundings, meeting new people and establishing new relations, and whatnot.

At the same time, our greed and selfishness take away the rights and privileges of some. For instance, some people want to have a companion animal with them, whereas some want to have exotic ones to show off their wealth and repute. In doing so, most of the time we forget the living principle in those creatures.

Some people have pets because they really need a companion, while some have pets for other reasons and ill-intentions. There's nothing bad in having a pet, but there has to be awareness. Awareness of the pain and pleasure of that living being.

The common pet animals are dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, fishes, etc. Having companion dogs, cats and rodents is fine, but do we really think about birds and fishes?

No doubt, they are beautiful creations of God, however, there is no need to cage them. They have life, and they are made in a unique way. They are not created for us to cage them. We have no right to intervene in their lives and take away their freedom only for their beauty.

What is wrong with having birds?

Beautiful, colorful, flying creatures. Those patterns, that plumage, some are provided with crowns too. How wonderful God’s creation is. Birds are there to give us a glimpse of how beautiful nature and its counterparts are. Nobody gave us the privilege to cage the beauty.

Birds are made to fly, to explore the neverending sky. They have a purpose, their life has a meaning, and we are no one to violate that.

When we cage a bird and bring it home, we are causing him mental suffering. We separate them from their families and place them in our homes like a living showpiece. In doing so, we take away their freedom to move, fly and explore. Some birds can’t tolerate the pain and pass away, whereas some try tirelessly to escape.

In due course of time, they might stay happy with you, but somewhere you are the cause of their pain and separation. Someone who is meant to fly and enjoy has to spend life in a tiny cage all alone in an artificial habitat.

We have no right on them and no right to interfere in their lives.

A cage is not home for a bird, it's a prison.
Free the birds- Let's Extend Freedom

What is wrong with having marine creatures as pets?

They live in infinite seas and oceans. They can swim to any depth and are free to do what they want. However, we are continuously polluting and destroying their homes. Nevertheless, we are the ones who are catching, raising and caging them for our material pleasure.

They don’t deserve to be trapped in a small aquarium for their whole life. Fishes and other marine creatures are meant to live in open and vast water bodies. They are not commodities. They are not objects of display. They are living beings and they deserve a good life. They should not be caught and separated from their families and natural surroundings for human satisfaction.

We have no right over them. We should not interfere in their lives and homes.

Is it ok to have dogs and cats as companions?

If you take good care of them, and they are happy to live with you. You give them space to play, roam around, snuggle and relax, you don’t chain them, you provide treats, head massages, belly rubs to them, then yes it is okay to have them.

Dogs and cats have the ability to express their feelings in a way that is understandable by human beings. In normal life also, dogs and cats are somewhere dependent on us and have their trust in us. They show their emotions through physical behavior. When they are happy you’ll know it, and also otherwise.

A pot or an aquarium is not a home for a fish or any other marine creature, it's a prison for life.
Free the fishes- Let's Extend Freedom

Things to remember when planning to have a companion animal:

  1. Never bring home someone else’s companion. This means rodents like rabbits, hamsters, etc. spend their lives with a mate. Never get a single rabbit, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. Don’t separate mother and children (in case of dogs and cats).

  2. Don’t get fish, turtles, tortoises, and other marine animals as your companion pet. Don’t separate them from the world they belong to.

  3. Never get birds as your pet. They suffer a lot for no reason. The colourful exotic birds are smuggled and forced to live in tiny cramped cages just to be sold to you.

  4. Try to pet someone who is in need. To make it possible, adopt and do not shop.

  5. Don’t look out for exotic animals, such as Chimpanzees, Crocodiles, big cats, etc., go for local breeds of dogs and cats.

  6. They also have life, respect them and take care of them more than yourself.

  7. Be sure that they deserve your time, care and love.

  8. Always remember they will be your family member.

We all crave for happiness, love and freedom. If we are working to achieve that then why should we take it away from others?

While thinking of having a bird or fish, ask yourself:

How would I feel if I’m separated from the world and put into a prison without any wrong-doing for the rest of my life?

I hope this justifies everything. Come and let’s extend freedom to these amazing creatures.

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