• salonibajaj8

Speciesism & 9 Reasons you’re Speciesist or not

Speciesism… oh! It’s difficult to pronounce, right? And more difficult is to locate it in our lives. The difficulty for human beings is only the pronunciation, but for some it is the primary reason of suffering. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll get to its core. Before I began giving the reasons, let’s know what speciesism stands for.

What is speciesism?

Speciesism is an ideology. It is the root cause of an age-old discrimination. Speciesism is the belief that one species is superior to the other species. Makes sense? Let’s go deeper. Speciesism discriminates between two or more species. For instance, monkeys are different from cats, dogs are different from fishes, and so on. However, the key distinction that creates problems is the difference between human beings and animals. I’m not suggesting that there is no difference. There is a difference, but the human ideology exaggerates this difference.