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Private School Teachers' Basic Right Violated

Since, the day a child is born her/his parents starts jotting down the best schools. Afterall, school is the place where children spend their crucial years. They are groomed, taught, and polished by the teachers.

We all know the importance of education, but very few think that if there are no teachers then there will be no education. Teachers are the foundation of all educational institutions. It is the responsibility of every citizen and the government to give utmost respect to the teachers.

The quality of education increases when the investment is made in skills and knowledge of teachers. In the current scenario, teachers are deprived of their basic right, i.e., salary.

COVID-19 impacted each and every individual, industry, sector, and everything present on the face of earth. Everything stopped or slowed down, but not the schools. Teachers were on duty and students were continuously learning. Why? Because education is necessary.

Education is bread for our mind. Things shifted from offline to online. No one was ready. Not everyone was skilled in technology handling, but teachers learned. They worked upon it. They worked day and night. Teachers made things work out. They did their best to pass on their knowledge to their students.

We praised, appreciated and respected the corona warriors across the globe, and we should not forget to acknowledge the strength, dedication and determination of our teachers.

Teachers worked through the lockdown and are working today as well, selflessly. Now, they are being tested. Authorities are testing their patience and violating their rights. The right to have a salary. The right to get the reward of their duty and work. The right to get their basic needs fulfilled.

Since, past 11 months private school authorities have not paid salaries to the school teachers completely. Teachers have received only half of their salary.

The time of the pandemic was terrible, many people and families faced economic crises. Parents faced problems in paying the school fees of their children. In such cases, fee hike is unethical and undesirable.

The school authorities are violating the basic rights of their teaching staff. Their inability to increase the student's fee is taking a toll on the physical and mental well-being of every teacher.

Teachers are solely dependent on the school management, but the authorities are not addressing the issue. After working overtime, this is the situation of private school teachers.

Such instances not only demotivate the staff, but also represent the institutions in a bad light. If such cases erupt continuously, many students will drop out on their dream to be a teacher.

I urge the private school management and concerned authorities to address the issue as soon as possible. The interference of the State government will speed up the process. It is the duty and responsibility of the government to take care of the needs and rights of all the citizens.

Teachers are the backbone of our society. Education will become a distant dream if teachers stop working. Take the action now.

I stand with teachers!

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