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Women’s Day: Rethinking Work Culture

COVID-19 pandemic brought us to a new reality. A reality we never thought we’ll ever see. We read about the pandemics in books, but never dreamt of experiencing one. The impact was somewhere and somewhat negative, but as the saying goes, a coin has two sides. Similarly, the pandemic did bring some goodness.


Yeah! There was hidden goodness in these tough times. While things shifted online and everyone got stuck in homes, it was a time for a grave realization.

We realized the value of family, our loved ones, health, finances, and most essentially we realized the value of a woman.

By staying at home, most people perceived the working hours of a woman. There were no lockdown and holidays for a homemaker. She was working from morning till night and slept with a worry ‘what to cook the next day’.

A working woman was not purely doing her office job, but also completing household chores, taking care of the offspring and family. Middle-aged women have to learn the digital fortress to make ends meet in order to do their job and take care of their homes.

The lockdown was heavy and burdensome. From cleaning the house to cooking, from taking care of the family to taking all the necessary precautions, from working from home to working at home, the lockdown summed up.

Women around the world worked 24x7. Some men helped their ladies with the chores, but some were least concerned. Women mended themselves according to the need of the hour and managed everything. We are wonder women.

We saw that women in leadership handled the pandemic mesmerizingly. Women know what, when and how of every situation. They were never acquainted with a pandemic, but the way they handled the work and home space has to be recorded in the history of 2020.

COVID-19 made us comfortable with work from home (WFH). Though it was burdensome, yet it brought us closer to our families. Parents were spending time with children. They were able to groom them, play with them and know them a bit more.

When both parents are working, there are low chances of such interactions. Children grow distant from their parents and often suffer from loneliness. During this time, families came closer. There was an atmosphere of trust, love, care, fear of losing, and a lot more. However, women mastered everything.

This International Women’s Day, we should provide our women with an opportunity that could help them have a great work-life and personal time balance.

A woman is great at work. A woman is a goddess at home. However, what a woman desires is some quality time for herself. She does justice to each aspect of her life, but often forgets she needs her own time.

A woman doing a 9 to 10 hours job should be provided with an option to work from home (WFH). Why?

Here you go… let’s consider an instance.

A married woman with kids is doing a 9 hour, 5-days job. She wakes up early, prepares meals for the day and packs lunch for the spouse and kids. She has to get the kids ready for school and arrange the house. Henceforth, she gets ready and leaves for the office at 8 am and reaches there around 10 am. She works tirelessly for 9 hours and comes back around 9. Thereafter, she prepares dinner and takes care of the house. Next day, the cycle repeats.

A woman spends most of her life for others. These others are her husband, kids, family, friends, home, job, etc., but in this she forgets herself and some aspects of her life gets compromised. The thing that gets sided is her mental and physical well-being.

If women get WFH, they will get time for themselves and can provide time to their family and work. When you are happy with yourself, you tend to be more productive at both major fronts. She can keep a check on her kids. She can pamper herself in the spare time. The travel time to the office will be reduced. She can relax.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that if a woman is working from home, she will be doing all the errands and chores. It is the duty of every family member to help her achieve her short and long-term goals and dreams. WFH provides one freedom and relaxation. It can help with savings. The companies too will be benefitted.

It will be a great opportunity for the women who want to earn their living, but cannot go out for work due to familial pressure. This will benefit women who are single parents and/or sole breadwinner of the house. It will ensure our women are independent and skilled. They can live, work and earn better.

If all employees are provided with WFH, it will help them retain a proper work-life balance. It will also enhance mental and physical wellness. Moreover, it will be beneficial for the environment. On the other hand, men can also contribute to the household and childcare.

Come and rethink our work culture. A 4-day work from home job sounds so good. What do you think?

Let’s celebrate our women’s love, dedication, hard work and balance, and do something for them.

Happy Women’s Day!

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