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Your Right Time Will Arrive Soon

“Things you are waiting for will happen at the right time.” Have you heard this phrase? I assume that you have (just like me!). What does it mean? And what is this “right time” thing? In this post I will try to answer these questions. So, are you ready?

Let’s get started.

At every point in our life, we become acquainted with a situation that either tests us or pushes us to make a decision. Some things we get easily, and some things require hard work. These things could be anything, getting a job, buying a house, finding a companion for life, getting married, starting a business, getting a degree and whatnot.

At every point we have a wish in our heart. Some wishes get fulfilled and others get us all sweaty. However, the phrase “Thing you’re waiting for will happen at the right time” and the phase of waiting, remains somewhere constant.

There’s no one in this world who has never faced such a situation. This is normal. If you are currently in such a circumstance, I want to tell you, you are not alone.

Let’s talk about this phrase,

Things you’re waiting for will happen at the right time.

We cannot deny that each one of us are waiting for something or the other. Also, we cannot deny that we are working hard to get that or get there. But, we are not getting what we want. Why? Here comes the point when the “right time” arrives. If a person is not getting the fruit of her/his action because it is not the right time of getting that wish satisfied. The reason for this could be anything.

How do you know when the right time arrives?

This may not sound good, but there is no way to know this.

Alright, what is this right time?

When everything you prayed for, worked for, and wished for is in your favor, is the right time.

How to know when is the right time?

The right time is the feeling that makes you happy, accomplished, satisfied, and motivated. When everything seems magical. When the thing you worked for comes to you unexpectedly and levitates you to the sky. That miraculous feeling is the indicator of the arrival of the right time.

The uncertainty of right time can make us restless, anxious, discouraged, and even envious, but these emotions will make the path to our success difficult. We often read quotes that say trust the process, enjoy every step of the journey, these phrases are not meaningless. These are tried and tested advice. If any of the negative emotion erupts in the valley of your heart, your journey will become more difficult.

So, what can be done to get what you want and feel happy at the same time.

Your right time will arrive soon if you…

1. Have faith.

The first and foremost essential ingredient is faith. Add a pinch of faith in your heart, mind and soul, everyday. Faith in God or the highest creative power is everything. By having faith, you are not only connecting with the Almighty, but also to yourSelf. This faith will not only motivate you to continue with your journey, but also help you find your true calling.

So, have faith that you’ll reach where you are meant to be.

2. Believe in yourself.

You have necessary resources and still no result. Don’t worry. Don’t be disheartened. Don’t let the current situation make you dubious about your capabilities. Work harder. Gather more skills and resources. It’ll add up to your output. But never lose hope. Always trust your capabilities and believe in yourself. Trust yourSelf and move forward.

3. Stay optimistic.

The next important principle is the principle of optimism. No matter what the situation is, you have to remain positive all the time till eternity. When you focus on positivity, you lock the room where the negativity could stay. In staying positive or optimistic, you are fueling yourself and your surroundings with positive vibes (or vibrations) and preparing for a grand welcome of the right time.

4. Don’t envy others' success.

This is most common when you are working with people at the same level as yours. But one thing we all know about envy is that it is bad. Students envy students, sometimes friends envy friends, and colleagues and so on. It is easy to get this emotion in your life, but difficult to kick it out. Envy, jealousy will not get you anything other than self-harm. It will make you selfish, greedy and unmotivated. So, try not to be envious of anyone rather be happy for their success. When you wish well for others, there will be someone who will wish for your good too. We get what we give. If you spread happiness, you will surely get that with interest.

If you find even a tiny string of envy in you, read point three above again and feel the need of optimism.

5. Wish for the best.

Wish that you will get the best job, the best college, the best car, the best opportunity, or anything. When you wish, you affirm, and when you affirm, you invite that in your life. So, wish for good and good will knock at your door, really soon.

6. Have patience and perseverance.

Faith, wishing, positive mindset will not do much if you are not working for your goal. Have patience and continue to work harder and harder, until the right time appears. Continuous effort and will can make mountains move. Therefore, if you want to achieve your goal, don’t stop working.

You will get what you wished for, just wait for the right time.

What to do when you are doing everything, but still not achieving?

There could be various reasons for not getting what you want, some of the reasons could be…

· You are rejected because something better awaits you.

· Maybe the thing you wished for is not good for you or not in your favor.

· You are not getting your dream fulfilled because you are not meant to be there yet and need to work hard.

· Your efforts are less.

· Negative thoughts embrace you before you do something.

· The thing you asked for is evil or bad for others.

· You are not clear about your choices or wishes.

· The thing you wished for is not meant to be yours.

· Or any other reason(s).

If you are not achieving your goal(s), don’t worry, just have faith, trust in yourself, stay optimistic, and work hard. Always believe that if you’re not getting something then maybe you are meant to get the best of everything. Not getting the job, or admission in your favorite college or course, or not getting your dream house or whatever, just faith because God has something great planned for you already.

Being human our limitation is that we cannot see the larger picture, but this does not mean that the larger picture does not exist. It is there, and it will remain there, until we see God’s plan. Don’t lose hope and don’t worry at all. Things will unfold themselves in your favor and for your good.

Keep wishing and spreading positivity.

Have a great day!

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