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A Real Story

A baby was born. He was crying and trying to reach out to his mother. His mother was chained. She was crying out of pain and helplessness. The mother can't reach out to her baby. She wanted to protect him. She was afraid, but then she saw them coming.

She tried to do everything possible to get rid of those chains around her, but she was unsuccessful.

Few men were now standing in front of her baby boy. Her screams grew louder than before, but she was ignored. One of the men, grabbed the boy with one of his legs and dragged him. The baby was bawling. He was only a few minutes old. He didn't know what was happening. The baby was then picked up and tossed in a dark and huge truck. The mother was shrieking. She wanted to be free, but that was not possible. Her screams were reaching out to her baby, who was going far from her in that truck. She knew she'd never see her child again, because she had experienced this several times before.

What she could do was weep. She recalled her past, how her four babies were taken away, how she was forced to get pregnant and bear a child, every year. She became a mother several times before, but she never got a chance to acknowledge her motherly instincts. She never got the chance to nurture her children. Two years ago, her baby girl was taken away from her and now, the baby’s life is just the same as her. She was broken from the core. She screamed and screamed, but no one heard.

The truck stopped and the baby was flung on the floor with other children. He was pushed to go inside a dark building. There he was locked in a cage. He got hormone infused milk. The baby licked the cage rods. His days passed in darkness. He grew up faster because of the hormone diet. He gained weight. After 6 weeks of confinement, he was finally released. However, his freedom was short-lived. He was further taken to another chamber, but what was happening around shocked the kid. After that the purpose of his separation from his mother, abduction and imprisonment fructified. The little kid was killed.

Would you like to see the kid and what happened to him?

Here’s that helpless mother.

Horrible story, right?

This is the reality of billions of animals raised for meat. This is not only the story of a mother, this is the story of all dairy cows. Dairy cows are artificially inseminated or raped[1] to get pregnant. They are treated as milk-producing machines. But, very few know that to produce milk, a cow must give birth, just like human beings. Further to increase the production of milk, these cows are injected with hormones and antibiotics. Cattle are subjected to a lot more sufferings, such as, branding, castration, dehorning, ear tagging, nose ringing, restraint, tail docking, the use of veal crates, and cattle prods[2].

This is not the end yet. Once a cow stops producing milk, she is called useless or spent, now the cow will be sent for slaughter and you get beef and hides (skin). Cattle are smuggled and trafficked. Calves don’t get a chance to be with their mothers. The cows couldn’t nurse their newborns. Why? Because the milk the cows are producing is only for human consumption. The baby has no right to drink his/her mother’s milk.

What if these atrocities are subjected to human beings?

The mere thought is terrifying, right?

In India, a cow is called a mother, but like every coin has two sides, this one has it too. India is #1 producer of dairy[3], World’s 4th largest exporter of beef and veal meat[4]. This is what is the fate of a mother decided by human beings.

Every year millions of children (animals) are separated from their families, but all of this is ignored. You know why? Because nobody tries to see the behind the scenes of the meat on their plate.

Would you like to know the cause of their sufferings? It's human beings. Human beings who love to eat meat or more specifically, animals’ corpses. Someone's taste buds are cause of someone's death or murder.

Are you that someone?

If you eat meat, you are eating someone's child or mother or father or siblings. You are a part of a crime, a murder. The story you read above is just a trailer. You just got a glimpse of the animal’s suffering. You just got a clue about what happens to animals which are reared for food.

Different animals, different kinds of torture, but the same pain, and only one cause HUMAN BEINGS.

The solution: Stop eating and using animals and animal products.

Go Vegan.

Some questions to think about:

Why are we drinking milk that is meant for a calf?

Why are we physically, mentally, and sexually abusing cattle?

Is eating meat really essential for human beings?

Why do you eat meat? Are your taste buds more important than someone’s life?


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