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You Have Two Choices

Do you know that thing that is a boon and a bane at the same time? That’s human mind. It has that superpower that could make you turn into a world’s happiest person, or could turn you into the saddest one too. Sounds like a Genie, who can do everything…

Well, yes. Your mind is actually capable of doing anything. Within a blink of your eye, you can reach Eiffel Tower (there you go!). It can bring back your best memory, but it can also not let you forget the worst happening.

Such a powerful invisible substance, right?

It can give you unique and special ideas that could make you immortal, but also it can lock you somewhere in the dark where there is nothing. It can transform your reality unexpectedly.

(I’m not discussing anything psychological or philosophical. I’m not getting into the discourse of the functioning and characteristics of the human mind. This post is only discussing the commonsensical view of what we call mind.)

Mind is not a physical organ. Mind is not the brain. Mind is the one that is responsible for your ideas, understanding, memory, dreams, thinking, overthinking, and other functions. This incorporeal thing is strong enough to make you capable of doing things never thought before, also it can make you do nothing at all.

Mind is responsible for your creativity, ideas, happiness, sadness, jealousy, love, fear, empathy, sympathy, kindness, compassion, ego, and all other things. But how come the mind is so powerful? Who bestowed such power on it?

Well, you know that person. It’s YOU. Yes, you are the one who gave mind this immeasurable power.

How can I give power to something I never saw?

Right! We can’t see mind, but we see everything it presents to us. It presents you with feelings, and you feel them. It presents you with thoughts and ideas, you ponder upon them. However, you have a will. The will decides what to do and what not to do.

You are always given two choices.

For instance,

You were meant to reach somewhere at a particular time. However, due to some uncertainty you could not reach that place. The reason could be traffic, tyre puncture or anything. You came back home. You are sad. Your sadness is increasing because you are letting your mind multiply it. After a few hours, you came to know that some mishap happened at the place you were to reach. Now, your mind’s play has changed. Your mind is representing you as the most lucky person. It starts showing you the positive side of not reaching there. You are happy now. Suddenly, a thought strikes in your mind “what if you were present there? And what if you would be one of the individuals who suffered?”. From here, your mind begins playing its tricks. It creates unreal situations and uncontrolled thoughts, and your happiness is turned into your fear and doubt.

What is this example pointing out?

This example is stating how clever and smart our mind is. It is also hinting at our weak will which makes us fall prey to mind’s trickeries.

Mind in itself has no power, it is our will that surrenders and lets mind continue with its ploy. In the above instance, if you have stopped your mind to make you feel bad, you would not be sad. When you were feeling lucky and happy, if continued with that, you wouldn’t be led towards fear and doubt. We give our mind power to rule our lives.

Mind with its remote-control controls our emotions and thoughts about ourselves and others. This is the ultimate cause of overthinking.

At some point of time, we all suffer from overthinking. Overthinking is the mighty weapon of mind against us. It flatters us with its ill-act and changes our reality. We start thinking and thinking and thinking and ……

This overthinking kills our present. It keeps on bringing us old memories, and hinders us from acting for our future.

Overthinking is a trap laid by our mind. Overthinking is like a vicious circle. It keeps on going round and round. While the mind is surrounding you with overthinking, it starts taking away your happiness and positivity. Mind forces you to pay attention to the minutest and unimportant details of an event and manipulates you. Today, our will or will power is so weak that we easily get trapped in this vicious circle and get manipulated easily.

The mind cannot be blamed solely, as it is also the matter of our will. In the current scenario, we are puppets of our mind. We see whatever it shows, and we believe in what mind wants us to believe. In most cases, the mind keeps the door open for negativity and evil to come inside.

Minds don’t have any personal grudge with anyone, but it is normal human nature to get distracted by negativity easily. Negativity is contagious. We are surrounded by negative emotions, news, sometimes people, and so on, which somehow affect us and weakens our will.

Similarly, positivity is contagious too. Again, it is upto us what to choose. Remember, we always have two choices and it is dependent on us what we choose. Every choice has its result or consequence. Right choice, right result. Wrong choice, consequence. Whatever we choose, we are creating our own life or more appropriately our destiny. Your future depends on your present deed and present state of mind.

If your current state of mind is in your control, trust Lord, everything will be good because at the end of the day what we all need is peace of mind.

In order to get peace of mind, you need to get rid of the habit of overthinking. Just recall the time when you overthink. Awful, right? Everything seems dark and meaningless. When something is meaningless, why go there every time or even every day? Overthinking serves no good. However, it could surely make you helpless. Helpless in the sense that it can cause anxiety, stress or even depression.


Life is all about living, learning and experiencing. Why worry all the time? If overthinking could get you answers or solutions to your problem then it would be highly promoted on social media. There are problems and solutions to those problems. The method to get the solution lies in thinking and not in overthinking. Understand the difference. When you think, you think for a solution, and when you overthink you think about the problem itself.

If you focus on the solution, you’ll get the solution. If you focus on the problem, you’ll get the problem. Simple logic.

Like a coin, everything and every circumstance have two sides. One positive and other negative. Again, it is the matter of choice and the result it holds. Always choose the good and positive.

Broaden your perspective about life. Don’t get affected by people’s view about you and your choices. What you think about yourself and how you feel about yourself is all that matters after all. The truth is you cannot make everyone happy, but you can make yourself happy. How? Read my blog How to be Happy?

Innately, we all know how difficult it is to stop overthinking, but the only way to stop this is to be mindful. Live in the present. Whenever you feel that your mind is trying to trick you to overthink, channelise your thoughts, start walking or move, engage in different activity, get yourself occupied with some work, tell yourself not to overthink. Eventually, you’ll perceive reduction in this habit.

Be strong willed. Ultimately, it is the question of your will. Your will allows the mind to work. Strong will means you have mind’s control in your hands. Weak will, mind has control over you.

To sum up, overthinking is bad. It never helps, but exaggerates the problem. Everything depends on your mind. Therefore, we need to tame it at our best and earliest because it can make your life pleasant or miserable. We all need peace of mind, so try,

  • Choosing the good.

  • Think for yourself.

  • Broaden your perspective.

  • Be mindful.

  • Be strong willed.

  • And say no to overthinking.

Trust yourself and Lord, and never worry about anything because everything will happen in a positive manner when you decide to be positive.

I hope now we can say a big NO to overthinking and open the door for good times.

Have a positive day and life ahead!

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