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Why should we be concerned about animal welfare?

The most important thing to live a good life is to have physical and mental wellbeing, along with the fulfillment of basic needs. In the human kingdom, physical wellbeing is on the apex level, however, mental wellbeing is now being given the due attention. But, do you know that non-human animals' (here on, animals) physical and mental wellbeing is equally important? Would you like to know, how? So, let’s get started.

Taking care of one's basic needs, physical and mental wellbeing, rights, not interfering in their lives, and causing them no harm, is how you can ensure anyone’s and your own welfare or wellbeing. In the case of animals, as well, the same definition is applicable.

All animals are perfectly capable of taking care of their lives, it is human interference that disturbed them. Human beings entered their homes (the wilderness), and conquered it. We treated animals as our slaves and are still doing so.

We gave different narratives based on religion and culture that God gave us dominion over animals and everything on the face of earth. But if we keenly look at it then we understand what Charles Darwin said more than a century ago,

Non-human animals, in particular, did not come into existence for the use of humans. They have lives of their own, and many of them flourished for hundreds of millions of years before there were any humans.

We are not here to conquer everything, we are here to help it flourish.

Why would God tell us to dominate the other species? God created everything with a purpose and meaning, and not for creating a master and slave relationship between human beings and nature.

Human beings are blessed with rationality, but utilization of it is desired.

Why do animals need welfare?

Human beings invaded animals’ homes, the forests, and started to rule over them. Not only this, human beings abducted and murdered many of these extraordinary animals through illegal means, for mere greed. The evidence can be seen in zoos, circuses, laboratories, farms, sports, rides, wet markets, also in some houses that pet wild and exotic animals, and many more.

Our rationality is so tainted with selfishness and greed that we made a so-called statement that “animals don’t feel pain”. This immoral statement subjected animals to enormous suffering and killing. Animal-eaters don’t realize that what they are eating is a corpse (or dead body) of a living being just like them, but these are the people who voice up against cannibalism. The irony is when man eats animals, no one says anything, but if an animal eats a man, it becomes a scandal.

Human beings violated every principle of welfare. Animals in the places mentioned above do not have right to

  • sufficient food and water;

  • Clean surroundings;

  • Live on their own terms;

  • Go back to their real home;

  • Move freely;

  • Hunt their prey;

  • Find a partner;

Some of these creatures are born in cages and lived in confinement till their last breath. However, some are rescued by the environment and/or animal activists, and are released in their natural habitat.

These animals are tortured and most of them are separated from their families, which means they are affected not only physically, but also mentally. They can’t speak our language and we don’t understand their’s, but behaviour is louder than any language. We turn blindfolded and do nothing to end their suffering, rather we motivate these evils by paying for meat, watching animals in confinement, riding over them and so on.

Like most other people, I was ignorant about these atrocities that animals face on a daily basis, but when I realised the wrongness of this, I used my power. The power to say “no” to animal suffering and killing. Say no to animal abuse.

If you find yourself acting on or being a part of such heinous activities, step back and think about it. Is your desire to eat meat more important than any being's life? Why are you paying for torture? Are you turning into a sadist because you enjoy watching animals in cages and sports? There are endless questions, but your one choice can be a game changer.

Will you alter your lifestyle to ensure the welfare of all?

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